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Today we will talk about Dell’s new laptop, and will try to find out her advantage. The main feature of our “guest” are a very powerful components. If you trust the advert, this model can run without being charged for 8 hours. At that, the Dell 1764 has a 17.3" diagonal screen and works on an Core I5 base with a frequency of 2,26 Hz. And most importantly – Dell 1764 new laptop has a set of necessary technical and program products to provide its durability and security. Extremely fresh Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 is extra operational Laptop. This laptop is a huge media center, with can easy replace your desktop computer. If you're not a gamer and your home desktop computer is too big - this laptop is your choice. A good advantage of this laptop is the large screen, but the high size of this computer reduces her mobility.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 Image

This Laptop is equipment with 2.26GHz Intel Core i5-430M Dual Core Processor (2.53GHz Turbo Mode, 3MB Cache) for fast program execution. I5 processor has a way more superior load time as compared to the i3 and Core 2 duo laptops. Laptop fan's speed is checked automatically by special software. Dell ought to have improved is the noise of the fan in this model.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 is furnished with 4GB System Memory; Media Card Reader; 10/100 Ethernet; Wireless-N Mini-Card for fast running of programs. Laptop internal memory is upgradeable. The more memory you have, the more programs you will be able to handle.

Hard Disk Drive

Laptop has a hard disk storage for bulk storage of data. In the Laptop is installed the following hardware: 500GB Hard Drive; 8X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Optical Drive. In early versions of HDDs, they had removable media. Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 is equipment with large hard disk drive. You can get more reliability of your data by buying the external data storage. Laptop data recovery has a big price. This is why backing up data with an external HDD is always important.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 also comes with a DVD burning optical drive. Double video drive support burning of DVD-R and DVD+R discs. Dual-Layer Laptop external video drive read and write at a maximum speed of up to 4x.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 Image

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 graceful Laptop has a 17.3" HD Display; Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD; 1.3MP Webcam which gives expanded view while show movies or playing 2D and 3D games. The display and image has a good brightness. A side effect of the LCD coating is a perfect contrast and a restricted display angle. Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 covers are perfect. You can remove covers without any failures. But the functions keys (like F1, F2, etc.) are by default set to be used with the "Fn" key only. For example pressing the F1 key on your keyboard would open up the chose monitor option and not help on a particular software. But this will be corrected in the BIOS settings. Just go to the keyboard options and change the value from Multimedia keys (default value) to Function keys.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 Keyboard view

Preinstalled operating system for Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 is: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. But there is a problem with integrating a printer into this laptop. You must refresh your printer driver to use the printer. Well, start your work on this machine with upgrading your hardware drivers and you get no more problems with blue screen and other disorders...


Preinstalled software includes a number of demo programs. It is very important as it makes programs’ upgrading easier. The license should be activated – there is a special item in the program which tells how to do that. On the laptop is installed a few Dell's software features.

Dell Dock - an application organizer, that can clean your desktop from unused software.
Dell Remote Access - you can easy share your resources (video, photos, music) through the Internet without loosing security of your data.
Dell DataSafe Online - this is a backup service. You can store your data on remote site.

Dell Inspiron i1764-6075OBK 1764 Middle view

Unique identifier for this model is 0884116032762 by specification. So, now is the time to resume everything information that we have seen about the brand laptop model. To tell the truth, we liked Dell 1764: the device has customized performance components, but it works really well, has fine screen and design (which is ultra modern). The model has a advanced feature: you don’t need to search and download any softwares - everything has already been installed by the vendor. As we already mentioned, the netbook provides you 8 hours of work (or 5-6 hours if the advert wasn’t exact), which is great for laptop of such size. So, for a low price you can get a bright, safe, durable and helpful netbook for your studies and entertainment. Thanks our sponsors for giving Dell 1764 to testing desk. The manufacturer proposes a warranty of 3 years for this Type electronic brain. The selling value for this PC device model is roughly $889.99.

Date 2010.05.14
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