Fresh Netbook: Samsung GO N310-13GBK advantages

Samsung GO N310-13GBK has high variation from the other mini machines of this maker. Utterly clean Samsung GO N310-13GBK is ultra fast Netbook.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK Image

Its powerful computer equipment provides ample productions along with multipartite coherency. This Netbook is equipment with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor for high-power data transferring. Just programmed tools with special optimization for Samsung GO N310-13GBK produces big difference in execution speed. Netbook fan's speed rank is checked automatically by programmed tools.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK is featured with 1GB DD2R RAM for fast running of programs. Netbook internal RAM is upgradeabale. The more memory you have, the more programs you will be able to handle.

Netbook has a today's hard disk drive. In the Netbook is placed the next feature: 160GB Hard Drive. Samsung Netbook hard disks are exclusive computer OEM component that store binary data. Hard disk is extremely significant computer hardware. However, newest Samsung Netbook hard disk is typically a sealed unit. Maybe you can found a vent hole on the hard disk storage.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK are featured with video drive. External CD and DVD burning optical drive have higher data access.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK Image

Samsung GO N310-13GBK dainty Netbook has a Windows XP Home, Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life (6 Cell 8850mAh) which gives expanded view while play movies or playing video games. The image and display has a high-quality brightness. A matte LCD display and image has an anti-glare coating. Samsung GO N310-13GBK covers are elegant. You can remove covers very simple.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK Keyboard view

Preinstalled operating system for Samsung GO N310-13GBK is: Windows XP Home.

Samsung GO N310-13GBK Front view

EAN number for this machine is 0036725730779 by specification. The selling value for this computer model is roughly $479.00. Compared to other Netbook models the selling value is low.

Date 2010.05.19
Category Netbook / Samsung
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