Alienware M17x-2857D advantages

Extremely new Alienware M17x-2857D is multifunctional Laptop.

Alienware M17x-2857D Image

Its strong computer accessories provides copious productions along with multipartite connectivity. This Laptop is supplied with 2.0GHz Intel Core2 Quad Q9000 Processor for fast data transferring. Choose Laptop for your needs. You can use particular visual programs for Dell Laptop fan control.

Alienware M17x-2857D is fitted with 4GB System Memory for fast running of programs. Laptop RAM is upgradeabale. The more memory you have, the more program and games you will be able to handle.

Laptop has a HDD for bulk storage of data. In the Laptop is installed the following feature: 320GB Hard Drive; Dual Layer DVD Burner. Dell Laptop HDDs are special computer OEM component that store digitally encoded data. In prior versions of HDDs, they had removable media. However, newest Dell Laptop hard disk storage is typically a sealed unit. Maybe you can found a vent hole on the hard disk drive.

Alienware M17x-2857D also comes with a burning optical drive. External burning optical drive supports better access speed. Standard Laptop external double video drive read and write at a maximum speed of 24x.

Alienware M17x-2857D Image

Alienware M17x-2857D foppish Laptop has a 17.0" Display; Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M - SLI Enabled which gives expanded view while display movies or playing 3D games. It supports maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels for excellent video streaming. A matte LCD image and display has an anti-glare coating. Alienware M17x-2857D covers are elegant. You can remove them without any problem.

Alienware M17x-2857D Keyboard view

Provided operating system for Alienware M17x-2857D is: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Alienware M17x-2857D Middle view

EAN number for this computer is 0884116034179 by specification. The maker offers a warranty of 3 years for this Type PC device. The selling value for this electronic engine model is nearly $2,379.99. Compared to other Laptop models the selling price is not so high.

Date 2010.05.20
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