Cheap Laptop: Gateway NV79C17u

Absolutely new Gateway NV79C17u is ready for use Laptop.

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Its great component configurations provides ample results along with multilateral integrity. This Laptop is equipment with The Gateway NV79C Series Notebook blends premium performance and trendsetting style for stellar HD entertainment and seamless social networking. for fast data transferring. Special processor with two cores Laptop ensures excellent test productions compared to multi core 4 duo Laptop PCs. Laptop fan's speed level is checked automatically by software-based solutions.

Gateway NV79C17u is fitted with Stunning 17.3-Inch HD Ultrabright LCD Display with16:9 widescreen aspect ratio delivers a true cinematic view of the latest high-definition movies, games and digital content while integrated stereo speakers trumpet amazing sound. for fast running of applications. Laptop RAM is upgradeabale.

Laptop is featured with hard disk for bulk storage of data. In the Laptop the following hardware Smart performance starts here with the new Intel Core i3 processor delivering a fast and responsive PC experience with 4-way multi-tasking processing power allowing each core to work on tasks simultaneously. is installed. Gateway Laptop hard disk drives present themselves advanced computer accessory that store digitally encoded data. In prior versions of hard disks, they had removable media. However, latest Gateway's Laptop hard disk storage is typically a sealed unit. Exception is done for a filtered vent hole.

Gateway NV79C17u also comes with a DVD. You can user external burning optical drive for higher writing speeds. classical Laptop external video drives read and write at a maximum speed of 24x.

Gateway NV79C17u Image

Gateway NV79C17u Laptop has a foppish Breeze through multitasking requirements with 4GB DDR3 Memory and quickly retrieve and store files on the large 320GB Hard Drive. which gives quality view while playing movies or playing games. The screen has a high end brightness. A matte LCD display has an anti-glare coating. Gateway NV79C17u covers are perfect. Removing of covers can be done very easy.

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Preinstalled operating system for Gateway NV79C17u is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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Unique identifier for this machine is 0884483026661 by specification. The maker proffers a warranty of 2 years for this Laptop electronic brain. The price for this machine model is about $699.99.

Date 2010.07.07
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