Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056

Acer is the biggest manufacturer of the Laptop and computer component vendors. totally clean Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 is ultra fast Laptop.

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Its professional computer configurations makes heavy results along with multipartite facility. This Laptop is equipment with The Acer Aspire AS7551G Notebook delivers outstanding performance, great communication features and rich multimedia for the ultimate desktop replacement. for potent program execution. Advanced two cores processor Laptop provides top-flight test productions compared to core 4 duo chip Laptop electronic brains. Laptop fan's speed rank is checked automatically by software.

Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 is furnished with Get lost in high-definition entertainment and gaming on the enormous 17.3-Inch HD widescreen LED-backlit display with true 16:9 aspect ratio while vibrant audio pumps out of the built-in stereo speakers. for fast running of programs. Memory chip or the size of RAM in your Laptop computer is extremely important if you want to handle heavy graphic files or is eager to play games on your Laptop.

Laptop is featured with hard disk for bulk storage of data. In the Laptop the following feature AMD Phenom II Processor and 4GB DDR3 Memory accelerate all your daily needs with the multitasking performance and responsiveness needed to download music, launch movies, chat and complete your daily tasks. is installed. Acer Laptop hard disks present themselves exclusive part of computer that store your data. Every maker makes its own HDDs. However, newest Acer's Laptop hard disk storage is typically a sealed unit. Maybe you can found a vent hole on the HDD.

Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 also has a burning optical drive component. Double video drive support burning of DVD-R and DVD+R discs. External CD and video drive have higher data access. Dual-Layer Laptop external DVDs read and write at a maximum speed of up to 4x.

Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 Image

Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 Laptop has a dainty Always be connected to your friends, email and favorite websites with 802.11b/g/n WiFi CERTIFIED wireless connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet LAN. which gives expanded view while watching movies or playing games. It supports maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels for very good video rendering. Typically Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056' LCD display has a better contrast, brighter colors, and better viewing angles. Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 covers are perfect. Removing of covers can be done comfortably.

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Installed operating system for Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 is Windows 7 Home Premium.

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EAN number for this micro computer is 0884483214846 by specification. The vendor offers a warranty of 2 years for this Laptop electronic device. The price for this computer model is about $749.99. Compared to other Laptop models the price tag is not so high.

Date 2010.07.12
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