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Lenovo is the main seller of the Laptop and part of computer makers. It means that several producer creates Laptop really special manner. perfectly original T410I is extra operational Laptop.

T410I Image

Its high end hardware contents guarantees rich results along with many-sided connectivity. This Laptop is provided with Box Contents - Lenovo ThinkPad T410i 2516-APU, 6-cell Li-on Battery Pack, AC Adapter; for powerful data transferring. Double core Laptop ensures excellent test results compared to four cores chip Laptop PCs. You can use special visual programs for Lenovo Laptop fan control.

T410I is furnished with Intel Core i3-330M 2.13GHz Processor for operative executing of programs. Memory chip or the size of internal ram in your Laptop electronic brain is very critical if you want to handle heavy graphic files or is eager to play games on your Laptop. The more internal memory you have, the more applications you will be able to handle. Modifying and moving to next upgrade level your Laptop - can seem like a impracticable task. However this can be a simple work for every man if you have the right approach to it.

Laptop is featured with hard disk for bulk storage of data. In the Laptop the following hardware 3MB L3 Cache, 1066MHz FSB Speed is installed. Lenovo Laptop hard disk storages present themselves particular computer component that store binary data. In early versions of HDDs, they had removable media. However, latest Lenovo's Laptop hard disk storage is typically a sealed unit. Exception is done for a filtered vent hole.

T410I also comes with a DVD burning optical drive. External CD and burning optical drive have higher data access.

T410I Laptop has a elegant 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 RAM (8GB max) which gives expanded view while playing video or video rendering. It supports maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels for very good tv watching. A matte LCD image and screen has an anti-glare coating. T410I covers are elegant. You can remove covers without any trouble.

Preinstalled operating system for T410I is Windows XP Professional Edition.

European identifier for this machine is 0885600137635 by specification. The vendor proffers a warranty of 1 year for this Laptop PC. The price for this computer system model is about $999.00.

Date 2010.06.14
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