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MSI X-Slim X400 notebook
Category Notebook / MSI - 2010.03.01
The new stylish and ultra-thin notebook MSI X-Slim X400 has a set of all possible functions, which makes it attractive even for the most demanding users. Let's test them for usability.
The latest model from Acer
Category Notebook / Acer - 2010.03.01
The Acer notebooks are famous for their low price, thus they usually have a long list of technical advantages. This is why the brand laptops are in great demand. Nowadays Acer has entered a top- five of the best notebook producers’ list. Recently a new Acer Aspire 5536G has been announced. This model is supposed to become your best friend at home and in the office.
Acer presented its new notebook
Category Notebook / Acer - 2010.03.01
A well-known Taiwan company Acer presented its new notebook, designed in a Gemstone style on the basis of an AMD Tigris platform. The laptop, named Aspire 5542G, has a number of unique features. Let’s find out, what are the main advantages of the model.
MSI Netbook Win12 U210 Review
Category Netbook / MSI - 2010.03.01
A portable netbook weighs nearly 1.5 kilos, including the 6-segment accumulator. As it is very light and small (a size of an A4 format sheet), the new MSI Wind12 U210 can become a reliable partner for studies and work. The model can run without being charged only for 3 hours (with 40 % of screen illumination), but this duration is classical for this type of netbook. In general, the new MSI Wind12 U210 made a good impression on us.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 Review
Category Macbook / Apple - 2010.03.01
To begin with I should say that Apple products have not been the subject of my professional interests before. I got accustomed to MS Windows and Linux, which I mostly had to deal with. That is why I needed some time to understand the principle of Apple’s operation. But as soon as I realized that Mac OS was based on the well-known UNIX, everything became clear for me. It must be said that Mac OS has a lot in common with the Unix. For example, the hierarchy of the file system, network services (guided by Samba), print manager CUPs and some other programs and principles.
Acer Aspire One D250
Category Laptop / Acer - 2010.03.01
Recently Acer Company announced its new notebook Aspire One D250. The model was specially designed for those who have got used to be online as it was very small and easy to transport. It has the number of programs which are so useful for working at home and especially in the office. The model’s output is surprisingly good, and the quality of assemblage is really amazing. For a low price you’ll get a wonderful portable companion: the laptop’s display diagonal is only 10.1 inch and the weight is about one kilogram.
Compaq 610 Notebook overview
Category Notebook / Compaq - 2010.03.01
Compaq 610 Notebook is a new bright model of a transportable notebook. The main advantage of this laptop is a low price. The super portable model will surely please you and become a reliable partner in your trips. This notebook will be perfect for businessmen as it has a set of business-functions. In general, the laptop was created for intensive non-stop running. HP Compaq was designed not for entertainment, but for working.
Compaq Presario CQ61
Category Notebook / Compaq - 2010.03.01
Hewlett-Packard Company is a famous producer of the high-quality laptops. Today it is in the front line on the computer market and, under Fortune 500 version, it was pronounced the best among modern IT companies.
New Aspire 5739G
Category Notebook / Acer - 2010.03.01
Acer corporation is in the top-list of the best notebook producers. Taiwan company is well-known all over the world for its laptops with a perfect combination of modern features and low price. Recently Acer presented its new Aspire 5739G – a high-quality stylish portable computer. The notebook would be very attractive for those, who appreciate comfort most of all. The brand new model is perfect for working with usual programs as well as in the high-quality video coding.
Acer Aspire 5740 Classical
Category Laptop / Acer - 2010.03.01
Acer Aspire 5740 is a name of a new laptop model, announced by the famous Taiwan company. It claims to be a perfect notebook for working both at home and in the office. The Acer Aspire 5740 laptop is highly praised for its compactness and functionality and can be your reliable partner in any kind of trip.
Acer Aspire 8735G
Category Notebook / Acer - 2010.03.01
Acer presented its new achievement in the notebook design – Aspire 8735G. The Acer Aspire turned out to be rather heavy as it has the weight of more than 4 kgs (including the battery) and thickness about 4,5 centimeters. That is why the new high-efficiency notebook is better for a home use.
New Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T
Category Laptop / Acer - 2010.03.01
Absolutely new Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T is multifunctional notebook and a perfect companion for those, who like to use their time wisely. The model provides 8 hours of running time, which is really amazing for a laptop. This effect is gained thanks to the new energy-saving technology, but not capacious accumulators (a 6-segment battery with the capacity of 5600 А/h). Aspire Timeline 1810T has a Acer Smart Power key, which increases the running time in the offline mode of the notebook. This function reduces power consumption and thanks to that the new laptop provides long and efficient working.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi3560
Category Laptop / Fujitsu - 2010.03.03
Looking for something light, portable, stylish and good for work and entertaining? Then meet the new Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 – an elegant multimedia model, specially developed for the most demanding users. The laptop is a perfect offer for those, who got used to the high-quality sound and image performance as well as to durability and efficiency. To tell the truth, the new Fujitsu Amilo Pi can’t be called super light as it weights almost 3 kilos (2.8, to be correct). The classical 6-segment lithium-ion accumulator provides the user with a 3-hour operating time, which can be prolonged in a reading mode.
Category Laptop / HP - 2010.03.03
The HP Company will never get tired of surprising its clients. Recently the famous producer of computers presented its new PC achievement. Notebook HP ENVY 13 combines not only functionality and compactness, but also reliability. This laptop was specially designed for those who like high quality and elegance.
Compaq Presario CQ71
Category Notebook / Compaq - 2010.03.03
The main advantage of any portable computer is its small size. That is why the 16-inch diagonal laptops are in great demand. The subject of our review – the new Compaq Presario CQ71 – can’t be considered as a “small” notebook as the screen’s diagonal makes almost 44 centimetres. So the new model seems to be almost as big as a stationary computer. Though the laptop is big enough it doesn’t influence its quality. On the contrary – the model can boast with the high functionality and productivity. That is not a surprise, because the Hewlett-Packard Company is famous for the high quality of its production.
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